Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Like any other workspace, a laboratory holds various science laboratory equipments. Basically school science lab supplies found in any given laboratory may vary based on the field of research and level of the researchers. Most general purpose laboratories will also contain science project kits including school science lab supplies such as microscopes, beakers, and Bunsen burners.


A compound microscope is a type of science laboratory equipment that allows the student or researcher to view specimens. It is also used for viewing slide preparation holding the specimen. The most commonly observed items are animal cells and bacteria.


Beakers, a type of school science lab supplies generally serve multiple functions in a laboratory. Basically they are used to hold samples for later use.

Bunsen Burners

Most common science laboratory equipment is a Bunsen burner that mainly serves to provide a ready source of heat in the laboratory. A typical Bunsen burner comprises a tube in which a gas mixes with air. Once that gas is lit, an air hole in the tube allows the user to adjust the size of the flame.


Another common school science lab supplies found in laboratories is the balance. It is used to determine the mass of any dry chemical.

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